Shilegov: By a warrant by UBK the work of 22 NGOs and 42 persons who are criticizing the authorities is being checked


SDSM’s spokesperson and MP at the Parliament, Petre Shilegov, today has said that according to the information they have, by an initiative of the current director of the Directory of Security and counterintelligence and former director of the Directorate of financial intelligence, Vladimir Atanasovski, the State commission for corruption prevention (SCCP) has asked an inspection of 22 NGOs.

-The Directorate of financial intelligence, according to the information, has started an inspection of 22 NGOs. Also, there are inspections regarding 42 persons that have openly criticized the rule of Gruevski and are in the opposition – said Shilegov.

He announced that the Anticorruption commission and the Directorate for financial intelligence must not be an instrument of the VMRO-DPMNE’s leader, Nikola Gruevski and his associates, who for their personal interests want to clash with the democratic public.

-We are saying to all public institutions not to give in to pressures that Nikola Gruevski is trying to impose during the last days of VMRO-DPMNE. Nikola Gruevski and the criminal authorities are already a past. The majority of citizens of Macedonia have asked for changes. New and responsible government for the citizens of Macedonia is coming. All who have worked against the interest of the citizens or were accomplices of the regime in their illegal and unprofessional activities will be held responsible – stressed Shilegov

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