The parliament has a historic opportunity and a historic responsibility to open the door for Macedonia and to enter into NATO, said in an interview for MIA the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, Radmila Shekjerinska, who is leading the Macedonian team who will start officially in Brussels the accession negotiations for Macedonia’s membership into the Alliance.

-If a two-third majority is secured, Macedonia will show Europe ad the world, including the region that it knows what it wants and knows how to reach that goal. If the party and personal interests prevail, it will be a big minus for the Parliament and for us it will mean calling for snap elections – stressed Shekjerinska.

Regarding the potential breach of the deadlines determined by the Prespa Agreement if snap elections become an option, she said that it is better for Macedonia if the process ends with a successful parliamentary procedure. But, if that procedure becomes impossible in the parliament, then the mandate should be returned to the citizens. If the parliament decides to give a chance to the country’s strategic interests, then the situation will be great. If not, the snap elections will be the only option left as there will be no other, said Shekjerinska.

She stressed that they are having contacts with countries partners and with Greece, and she thinks that if the elections become an option it is possible to reach on time for the Greek parliament to ratify the Prespa Agreement and the Agreement for Macedonia’s accession into NATO.