With the realization of the reformatory procedures in the domain of rule of law, freedom of the press and control over the executive power, in a very brief time we shall show that Macedonia can be seen as a country that has established the essence of the democratic principles. This was stressed by the Minister of Defence, Radmila Šekerinska during today’s meeting with the Ambassador of Germany, Christine Althauser.

Šekerinska’s cabinet says she has expressed her gratitude for Germany’s continuous support for Macedonia on its way towards full membership into NATO and the processes for reforms and modernization of the armed forces.

“The Ministry of Defence is dedicated to membership in NATO as our strategic goal and will work on promoting the transparency of the institution and the process of modernization of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia,” said the Minister of Defence.

Althauser has stressed at the meeting that Germany is supporting the integration of Macedonia in the Euro-Atlantic organizations.

“Macedonia has to be there where it belongs – integrated into NATO and the European Union,” said the German Ambassador.