The statement made by VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Nikoloski, is an expression of the inconsistent policy of part of the leadership of that political party, and as a result of such a policy, VMRO-DPMNE lost the elections. However, I know that more than a handful of members of one of the biggest parties are actually sincerely determined to develop constructive cooperation and mutual relations with the Russian Federation. This was stated by Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak while answering a question from “Meta”, regarding yesterday’s statement by Alexandar Nikoloski on “Alsat-M” TV, on the show “200” that the government’s move to expel a Russian diplomat was right. He said that it was disappointing for Russia, considering the intensive cooperation between the two countries during VMRO-DPMNE’s.

At today’s press conference, the Russian ambassador said the move to expel the Russian diplomat from Macedonia, as a first step in bilateral relations, is a ruthless step, and that Macedonia has obviously been put under pressure from abroad. However, the move will not be left without an adequate response from Russia.

“The Macedonian side did not provide us with evidence, nor does it want to provide evidence or in some way confirm that the expelled diplomat was involved in certain activities that emerge from his diplomatic status. The decision by the Macedonian government causes deep regret in our country. This decision is unfounded and unprecedented in overall relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the Russian Federation. Government officials in Skopje decided to take an unfriendly step under the influence from abroad, but this does not absolve the Macedonian side from responsibility”, said Shcherbak.