Tonight, activists from the “Colourful Revolution” from outside the Special Prosecutor’s Office drew the roman numeral for 1 made up of people and flaming torches and drew the number 1 showing the last day of their deadline.

Citizens lined up in three rows, and lit up their torches in perfect synchronization and chanted “You cannot escape prison Nikola!”

The “Colourful Revolution” said that this figure is the largest number they have drawn since the countdown began, and the flaming torches could be seen from Vodno.

While citizens and activists were organizing the pyrotechnics, a man in civilian clothing attempted to get close and film all those involved.

Citizens immediately spotted the man, and closed in him shouting, “Who are you, why are you filming us?” The man ran away and disappeared into the crowd, while activists and citizens went back to organizing the final countdown.

Just before the guerrilla action began, around 20:00 at the same location, activists who oppose the “Colourful Revolution” had a guerrilla action of their own, and threw leaflets in the form of money with images of “mercenaries” on them and images of professors taking bribes.