Seven new symptomatic cases of measles infection were reported today at the Public Health Institute. Primarius dr. Gordana Kuzmanovska, an epidemiologist at the Institute, stressed that these aren’t yet registered cases, but that the laboratory analysis will follow and then there will be a confirmation or not.

-All of the cases were received from the Infective clinique. They are awaiting a laboratory diagnostics, and it will be revealed additionally whether we shall receive a report that this is an infective disease. The new epidemic that has appeared on the territory of Skopje, without the previously reported seven cases in Radishani, already has 13 confirmed infections – informs dr. Kuzmanovska.

Meta agency has received unofficial information that these cases are children from a kindergarten in Aerodrom.

On the 3rd of January, an epidemic of measles was declared on the territory of Skopje. At the same time, there was a ban on receiving non-vaccinated children with an MRP vaccine at the kindergartens. So far 1300 children were vaccinated starting from the day when the ban was declared.

The state sanitary and health inspectorate is conducting audits at kindergartens i.e. whether they are receiving children that have not yet received this vaccine. Director Irina Buhova informed Meta that at this moment there aren’t any cases reported about non-vaccinated children registered at the kindergartens.

-We can only check at places where there is a ban. Therefore our inspectors are active only on the territory of Skopje. At the moment, there aren’t any reports of non-vaccinated children in the kindergartens – said Buhova.