As part of its program for fighting disinformation and false news, which cross the borders quickly in the Balkans and very soon can be seen in the media of another state and sometimes in another language, has been reporting regularly about current affairs at similar services for checking facts and the fight against disinformation in the region i.e. starting from Croatia in the North and encompassing Greece in the South.

The Serbian service for fact checking “Istinomer” while analyzing Aleksandar Antic’s speech, who is a Minister of Mining and Energy in Serbia, that the thermal power plants in Serbia didn’t contribute to the country’s enormous pollution, it has determined that his statements aren’t truthful.

Antic gave his statement for the Serbian Prva Televizija broadcasting service on the 22nd of January.

The statement where the thermal power plants didn’t contribute to the last wave of pollution we had. In the past period we invested a lot – 475 million euros were invested in “Elektroprivreda Srbije” that is related to the thermal sector and the decrease of the pollution. We solved the electro filters, there is no pollution with dust, there aren’t any particles” does not correspond with the facts, writes “Istinomer” which presents several facts to back its stance.

The fact checkers quote the “Report about the living environment condition” issued by the “Elektroprivreda Srbije” in April, last year where the data about the thermal power plants “Nikola Tesla A” and “Nikola tesla B” was published for the year 2018. It shows that the first power plant has emitted 2.999 tons of dust particles, while the second 1.731 tons. Also, a research published by the Regulatory institute of renewable energy and environment which shows that ECC’s thermal power plants have breached the allowed limit for pollution. Hristina Vojvodic who works at the Institute stated for Istinomer that up to that moment there is no evidence that the emission of polluting particles was decreased significantly.

Also, regarding the electro-filters, Vojvodic stated that despite the filters, all thermal power plants emit dusty matters.

“Istinomer” quotes other sources and procedures that denies the claims of the Minister for Mining and Energy that “there is no pollution with dusty matters and there are no particles”.