The Serbian portal Informer has published an article where even its title is misleading the general public.

The glossy title: The Rannson Affair is causing North Macedonia to tremble! Boki 13 has fallen, and the chief prosecutor is under investigation, and now Prime Minister Zaev addressed the issue” is completely untrue. The chief prosecutor (referring to the Speical Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva) until today still isn’t a subject of any investigation.

The State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski and Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska, who leads the Ransom case, have stated that for now, the investigation, in this case, is centered on two persons only: Bojan Jovanovski, also known under the moniker Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski, also known as Zoki Kicheec.

Regarding this, at the press conference on the 15th of July, the State Prosecutor Joveski stated that in this case, two persons are suspects for trading with the influence in order to stop the procedure that was led by a prosecutor.

-It is another matter whether the promises have happened or not. The investigation continues in order to determine who is the victim and who were the influencers – said Joveski.

A day after, in an interview for TV 24, Prosecutor Ruskoska said that the involvement of a public prosecutor in this case, for now, cannot be proved by anyone.

-If solid evidence shows up, it is certain that the investigation will be expanded, but for now, I cannot make speculations and it would be unserious from me as a public prosecutor to announce the direction where the investigation will take us – said Ruskoska.

Also, the claim at the end of the text ” Last night, the Macedonian police has searched through Katica Janeva’s house and her mobile phone has been confiscated” is also untrue.

The Public Prosecution refuted the claims that Janeva’s home was searched, only that her mobile phone was confiscated.

“By the order of the Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s mobile phone was confiscated. Even though part of the media have published that the prosecution is searching though her house, OJO refuted this news, stressing that only her phone was taken from her” informs Radio Slobodna Evropa.