After half an hour of discussion between MPs from VMRO-DPMNE and accusations against SDSM, with the occasional calls for early elections, on the rostrum at today’s 19th continuation of the constitutive session spoke Zijadin Sela from the Albanian Alliance who called on MPs from VMRO-DPMNE to vote to extend the mandate of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and for a special court, and then he will vote for snap elections.

“We have Albanians have an expression: How you treat the mountain, the mountain will treat you the same. The same goes for the platform and sovereignty… The platform existed when you had the mandate, now you just want to avoid responsibility. I’m not one of those politicians who wants to leave their children a future of bribery and corruption. Therefore, I accept your proposal for early elections. But are you sure Ivanov will not play the same games with not giving the mandate. Let’s resolve it in Parliament. Let us have local and parliamentary elections simultaneously, but first let’s vote on the SPO with a two-thirds majority, the special court, and then hold early elections. I will vote, ask your president and let us know. I know that you are not ready to vote on the SPO, because behind all those big words lies the fear of responsibility before the law”, said Sela.