Seven politically shocking days


It appears that events in Macedonia became more frequent and severe in the last week. Within a short time, we had a series of serious and important events that sometimes take months.

When events come one after another, they give a slightly different view of things and raise questions about their possible cause-and-effect relationship.

Here are the events from Monday to Monday:

Monday, April 20

  • Former SDSM president Branko Crvenkovski, through a letter to the public, interrupted the two-year isolation and said he was ready to give support and assistance to the opposition led by Zoran Zaev and, “if necessary, as on 24th of December, to stand at the forefront.”
  • Gruevski is in Brussels for a meeting with senior officials of the European Union.

Tuesday, April 21:

  • Sentry Goshince was attacked. On the incident it qualified as a terrorist attack on state institutions, MOI informed at press conference 10 hours after the event. A group of 40 armed attackers in camouflage uniforms with insignia of UCK were pointed out as executor.
  • The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs adopted conclusions that expressed deep concern about the deteriorating situation in Macedonia. EU urges investigation on the “bombs” published by the opposition.
  • Johannes Hahn had bilateral meetings with the prime ministers of the six countries of the Western Balkans, except with Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
  • An unknown person delivered a funeral wreath with the inscription “final goodbye” to the home of journalist Borjan Jovanovski.
  • A meeting of top officials in on the event in Goshince was held at the office of President Gjorgje Ivanov. The meeting was not attended by any representative of DUI. Regarding this, DUI spokesman commented that the “meeting was nonexistent because Ivanov is illegitimate president”.

Wednesday, April 22

  • “Bomb” of SDSM regarding party employments in MRTV and the creation of editorial policy in media close to the government.

Thursday, April 23

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation came up with a response to the attack in Goshince, which stated that “the attack on the sentry proves the continuing ethnic tensions in the region”.
  • High school plenum and Student plenum went on a joint protest against poor education reforms.
  • “Bomb” of the opposition in Veles. Among other things, conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Sasho Mijalkov about case “Sopot” and the management of judicial proceedings, from which, according to the two interlocutors, DUI wants to make political points, was published.

Friday, April 24

  • In a police action in Kumanovo, TNT explosive was seized. Jankuloska said that the action was not related to the incident in Goshince.

Saturday, April 25

  • The attack on the police in Macedonian village Goshince is staged to divert attention away from the wiretapping affair centered by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, writes Serbian daily “Blic”, citing information from the security services in the region. “Blic” reports that Sami Ukshini-Sokol and Rize Bega (two leaders of criminal-terrorist gang surrounding Pek, which, according to the sources of the newspaper, were paid to organize the attack) a day earlier had a meeting with representatives of DUI, on which, reportedly, DUI demanded the action not to be carried out.

Sunday, April 26

  • A referendum on the salvation of GTC
  • MOI carries out an action in Brest, in which is found part of the weapons seized in the attack on the sentry in Goshince.

Monday, April 27

  • Ali Ahmeti visits Pristina.

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