“All polling stations in correctional departments opened at 7:00 am and voting will last until 19:00 pm. 2,015 people have the right to vote at these polling stations. In the duration of today’s vote, 13 individuals who are in centres for internally displaced people will go to the polls, as well as a total of 5746 voters who will exercise the right to vote from their homes”, reported Ljupka Guguchevska at a press conference by the State Election Commission.

From the separate Voters’ List for people who have applied to vote from abroad, there are 20,573 registered voters. Their right to vote will be accomplish during the day at 46 polling stations abroad.

“All polling stations in the territories of Australia, Asia and Europe are open and voting is going”, said Guguchevska.

She noted that voters should mark their ballots exclusively by circling the ordinal number of the candidate, and circling the symbol of the candidate or the full name of the candidate of their choosing with a pen with blue ink. Ballots marked otherwise will be considered invalid.

While answering journalist’s question she reported that there is still no official data on today’s turnout on the sick, inmates and internally displaced individuals, however, later on in the day when they do receive information they will inform the media.

She added that the interest in monitoring these elections by domestic and foreign organizations and the media is huge.

“The SEC issued accreditation to 7.585 domestic observers, 667 international observers, 354 translators and 75 foreign journalists”, added Guguchevska.