It was protested and resignations were demanded in Shtip, Ohrid and Bitola


Except in Skopje, there were protests in Ohrid, Bitola and Shtip.

Bitola citizens “walked” the police around the Interior Ministry building to the Municipality and back to the Interior Ministry. This witty protest was tactics practiced hundred mainly young people.

Unlike the protest three days ago, when Bitola with banners and shouts rose against police brutality, citizens today protested without any insignia. They only protested against the government and demanded the resignation of Minister Gordana Jankuloska.

The traffic was not stopped, but trucks passed between protesters, just in front of the police headquarters.

Today protested in Ohrid, where citizens gathered this afternoon in front of the monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius, where the protest march reached the Department of Internal Affairs in Ohrid.


The crowd, among whom were also activists, MPs and local officials of opposition parties, in front of the police, with loud cheers, whistles and protests, demanded the resignation of Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Central and local government in Ohrid mobilized in deterring potential participants of protests against police brutality in Ohrid.

VMRO-DPMNE, meanwhile, reacted with the message citizens not to succumb, as they say, to “the grim scenario that SDSM is preparing to destabilize the country and the situation in Ohrid”.

Simultaneously, they accused that SDSM in Ohrid pressures citizens to come together to protest with their children.

SDSM said that it is a civil protest and that they have nothing to do with the organization.

With the call “People, join”, from the square in Shtip went about 200 people at the protest against police brutality.

The group with banners reading “is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong,” and “puppets, who are you defending”, passed through the main streets in an attempt to gather more citizens. They also shouted “Resign, resign”.


Group stopping near full cafes, urging guests to join them. They also stood in front of the court, where they shouted “No justice, no peace”, after which they continued in front of DOI Shtip. There they were intercepted by several policemen and closed gate. Demonstrators then returned to the center of Shtip, where they dispersed. They call for new protest tomorrow at 6 pm.

The few citizens who wanted to speak with reporters, said they went to protest against police brutality and the new elements in the case of the death of Martin Neshkovski. The convicted for Neshkovski’s death, policeman Igor Spasov, is from Stip and is well known to the public in Shtip, but the crowd did not comment on it.

Unlike the protest in Skopje, in Shtip there were mostly elderly citizens and about thirty high students and high school students. Young reported that they found out about the protest on social networks. Among the crowd were current members of the Council of Municipality of Shtip from the opposition and former MPs and officials of SDSM.

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