“Subsidies are not good will of Gruevski’s Government, but the obligation of the state to farmers, which is guaranteed by law. Hence, the Government is changing the law. This shows that it has no intention to help farmers, but intends to protect itself from the obligations towards them and fill the empty budget”, say representatives of SDSM.

– For their own good, it would annul subsidies it owes with debts of farmers for lease of land, water fee, and public charges. First, if there are farmers who have not settled their bills, while knowing that new subsidies won’t be authorized without it, it means that the Government admits to illegal approval of subsidies? If not, then which debts will the state annul with the unpaid subsidies to farmers? – says Tatjana Prentovik, Chairwoman of the Committee on Agriculture of SDSM.

She asked for which year will the subsidies to cover debts to the state would be annulled.