The Public Prosecution and MoI have to act in accordance with their public duty for an organized act, and the orderers, perpetrators and the criminals to be held responsible, said SDSM via its party announcement.

“The parliamentary majority has accomplished its obligation towards the citizens with dignity, wisdom, and carefulness, as it is appropriate for new politicians that were elected by the people to rule the country. The new president of the Parliament was elected in accordance with the rulebook, the laws, and the Constitution. In the forthcoming period, in accordance with the Constitution, the Rulebook, and the laws, a new reformatory government will be formed. Everyone saw how ugly are the faces of Gruevski, Ivanov, Veljanoski, Chavkov and the perpetrators and the people don’t want to be their accomplices and instruments in the future” said SDSM.

They also said that there will not be politics of tensions, divisions, hatred and destabilization anymore.