“It’s been nearly three months since the new train has worked, which Nikola Gruevski launched. The train has a problems travelling on the railway tracks as they are in a catastrophic state. We warned Mr Gruevski when he came to have his photograph taken in the train, promising miracles to the people, “said Blagoj Bočvarski, Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Communications for SDSM.

“For a whole decade mandate, Gruevski never build a single kilometre of a new railway track, yet he spends millions of euros on monuments for the citizens. Where are the Ministers from VMRO-DPMNE now, to come and have their photograph taken with the train at a halt? In the virtual world of Gruevski, Macedonia was meant to have six new trains, and a completely renewed infrastructure. However, the reality is that they’re are old and unsafe tracks. There are no trains on the tracks. And where there are trains, they are always delayed by several of hours and citizens are freezing because inside there is no heating”. Bočvarski said.

Mr Bočvarski said that Macedonia remains to be a country with a poor developed rail infrastructure, with only 27 kilometres of railroads in an area of ​​1,000 square metres. He added that in SDSM’s program, they provide accurate measures for true modernization and expansion of the railway infrastructure in the Republic of Macedonia.