The SDSM parliamentary group has submitted an initiative to reduce travel expenses for MPs, informed coordinator Tomislav Tuntev at today’s briefing with journalists.

The initiative proposes travel costs of 30% of the price of a litre of gasoline to be reduced to 15%. To this end, it is necessary to change the law on salaries of appointed officials and law for MPs.

“The solution we are proposing is to end manipulation and speculation in the public. Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi received the proposal as early as December 1st, 2017, but no parliamentary group has spoken publicly so far”, said Tuntev.

He pointed out that for this initiative they expect support from all MPs, including the opposition.

Collecting funds under this draft law would be done only with a fiscal account which will be paid from the MP’s personal card, in order to eliminate, as Tuntev explained, any doubts that the MP could take fiscal accounts from other people.