SDSM MP Panche Orcev from Strumica today presented recordings of conversations for, as he said, electoral fraud in the Municipality of Strumica. He published talks between Silvana Boneva and Nikola Gruevski, between the Prime Minister and Dragan Pavlovik-Latas, Menduh Thaci and Sasho Mijalkov, as well as a new conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski.

In the first published audio recording, according to the opposition, Mile Janakieski tells his interlocutor that market inspection will go to a neighborhood in Strumica and asks him for frequent inspections there, every day.

In the second call, Mile Janakieski talks with Spiro Ristovski for purchase prices of cabbage in Strumica, and Ristovski tells Janakieski that they reduced the price of the cabbage from 10 to 4 denars and that farmers want to go out to the streets and toss the cabbage.

On the following audio recording that was released today at the press conference of SDSM in Strumica, according to Orcev, Mile Janakieski and Goran Trajkovski talk about closing stores in Strumica and the reactions of citizens.

GT: From the list of 24, 8 fines were strong, 4,800 euros each, two closures among these buyers for uncalculated personal tax during purchase and stores. But these Gypsy shops you mention, in the Turkish neighborhood, nobody gave us that list.
MJ: No, no. They are there, on the scene, which …There is no list.
GT: Well, at the scene, but somebody needs to tell them. I ask mine, were you at the gypsy neighborhood, there are 4 shops which you need to see? Nope, he says, no one took us there.

In the following conversation, Mile Janakieski speaks with an interlocutor of inspectors sent to companies close to SDSM. The interlocutor said that there are a dozen market, labor and tax inspectors.

Silvana Boneva and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, however, on another recording of those today Orcev published in Strumica, discuss about racket to some companies in the city. Boneva informs him that they asked for too much racket and that all went out of control.

NG: Who racketed?
SB: …During the campaign. Slave Goshev.
NG: Who?
SB: Slave Goshev. There is not a company in Strumica that has not been racketed…
NG: Wait, but racket, what is a racket?
SB: And he is already a co-owner of Vega…
Did they ask for sponsorship? Racketeering is blackmail, if you don’t pay, I will close you down. While sponsorship is sponsorship. You say help me if you can.

Mile Janakieski and Marijan Nakovski (Head of DOI Strumica), talking on the other audio recording, agree on the identity cards for citizens of Strumica.

MJ: There 300 IDs for Strumica. Do you know?
MN: To be prepared or to arrive?
MJ: To be prepared.
MN: Uuff…

Conversation between Dragan Pavlovik-Latas and Nikola Gruevski was also published, in which they discuss about elections in Strumica, and what will happen in Kichevo.

NG: Let’s hear what those from Kichevo have to say tomorrow.
DPL: I told Nino that, first the guy from Kichevo and then, at the end, you.
NG: The day after tomorrow experts, and on Sunday, hindsight.
DPL: And how much does Zaev costs. How much does Zaev’s place cost?
NG: Do you know what we are doing now? You know what we do now? We agree with DPA for them to support us and to screw Zaev. Wow, what a pin it would be, hahahaha.

Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov discuss incidents and agreed to go to press conferences and say everything is without incidents, while in the conversation between Gordana Jankuloska and Zoran Stavreski are mentioned problems in Kumanovo and shooting in Strumica.

In the last interview that was released today at the press conference of opposition SDSM in Strumica, Mile Janakieski and Jovo Vangelovski (President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia) discuss the case “Global” and for a decision without a stamp. Vangelovski guarantees Janakieski that he would personally give him the decision with a stamp.