Vice president of SDSM, Damjan Manchevski in the “Camp of Liberty” before the government announced new recorded conversations related to the “Skopje 2014”, in which he said, Nikola Gruevski is heard as he adjusts and allocates ministries, determines facades, balconies, marbles and plasters.

In the first conversation, the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski speaks with Mile Janakieski and requires for the building of the Foreign Ministry some time, suspended license to be issued.
Janakieski says that half of state administration sit in objects that are not legalized because they are not inscribed in the cadaster.

In the second conversation, the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski tells Janakieski that he wants balconies of two and a half meters for the Baroque hotel and behind the Universal Hall wants to set a fountain by the example of the one in Rome.

In the following conversation they talk about how the new buses of the JSP will look. Gruevski insists there will be something orange on them “as a symbol of time” and asks “whether there will be a TV.” Janakieski replies that he doesn’t know whether there will be TV and that the handles can be orange, and explains that there is radio, cameras and sound.

In the following conversation Janakieski and Gruevski talking about the municipal building of Center. Gruevski asks why there are 15 floors. Janakieski explains that part will be office space, and only three floors will be municipal building. Gruevski seeks baroque, but some “scabby” Baroque.
Janakieski and Gruevski talk about “Spanish Steps” in the center of Skopje. Gruevski asks whether to allow increasing and that maybe the owner will demand the land back, to which Janakieski responds that they will defer until their project is not finished.

Gruevski Janakieski are talking about the changing the facades. The chat includes Minister Elizabeta Kancheska Milevska who requires Janakieski to give out license so they can be cultural monuments and to be able to change.

Gruevski in the next conversation with Janakieski talks about the building of the AEC which requires to be done with marble, not some plaster that looks like marble, because AEK who has money, can afford it.

In final conversation Gruevski speaks with Silvana Boneva to whom he says the Minister of Culture not to appear at the parliamentary session for parliamentary questions because “if asked for “Skopje 2014″ we will lose”. Boneva requires someone to come to the preparatory session to give them material so that they know how to perform.