The seventeen “bombs” that were erased from SDSM’s Youtube channel were removed after a report made by “OMD Network,” which is the user who has done the same so far (requesting to remove) “Nova TV’s” videos of the Colorful revolution and the student protests that were published on Youtube, writes “Nova TV.” Still, as it states after the argumentation with Youtube, the videos were returned.

“OMD Network” is the same user that so far has been regularly reporting NOVA’s videos. So far, this network has managed to block several videos by NOVA of the Students’ protests and the Colorful revolution including SPO’s press conferences. After the argumentations, Youtube was returning the videos back” – states the portal.

Several bombs from SDSM’s channel were removed including the bombs about the death of Nikola Mladenov, the conversation where one can hear that Sasho Mijalkov is the man behind the SGS company, the conversation between Ahmeti and Gruevski, the so-called Vodno estate, that, according to SDSM, Gruevski bought for himself, conversations for which SDSM accused that it can be heard how VMRO-DPMNE is rigging elections, the wiretapping of journalists and on plenty of other issues.

The videos from the meeting between Zev and Gruevski at the Prime minister’s cabinet the secretly recorded videos of Zaev allegedly requesting a bribery from a businessman and the videos of Ljube Boshkovski can still be found on Youtube.