If whole regions in the country are cut off electricity at -2 degrees Celsius, what will happen during the announced -20 degrees Celsius? We fear that the breakdown of electro-energy system, the work of the wrong policies of the Government, to which we warned for a longer time, is starting, said Atanasko Tuneski, member of the Committee on Energy, at today’s press conference.

-Information arrives to the Committee on Energy at any time and we are aware of everything that is happening. The recent news indicated that residents of Bitola – Kichevo region are threatened by lack of electricity. At 3 pm, there were problems in TPP Oslomej. The information that all employees were called to work with an announcement that will stay as long as necessary on account of an emergency indicated the seriousness of the situation in the plant. Just after midnight, the third block of TTP Bitola crashed. The coal system was filled with dirty coal mixed with mud. But there are crashes of electrical systems in other areas throughout the country. The citizens of Ohrid – Struga and Debar – Resen region are not the only affected by the breakdown of transmission lines of MEPSO, for which the public already knows – said Tuneski.

And imagine, he said, people are sitting frozen in the dark for hours, while the Government of Nikola Gruevski is forming a Crisis Center. As if it was summer, so the snow and the cold caught them by surprise.

-These occurrences in the country are the direct responsibility of the irresponsible Government!

From 2006 until today, the price for electricity transmission of state-owned company MEPSO increased by 270 percent! Where does the money of the citizens from the constant increase in the electricity price go? Are they meant for the new Baroque facade? For alleged snow cannons? Are those the essential needs of the electricity distributor MEPSO? No, they aren’t. In this study of MEPSO made in July 2011, the weak points of the electricity grid in Bitola – Ohrid and Struga region are precisely determined on page 292. So far, nothing has been done to improve the power network – stated Tuneski.

Tuneski stated that, according to the 2011-15 Program of VMRO-DPMNE, the construction of the 400 kV transmission line for transformer stations Bitola 2 – Elbasan, Albania should have started by now.