SDSM: When we come to power, we will restore control on UBK and MOI


“Our requirements as an opposition will be solutions as a Government,” said SDSM spokesman Petre Shilegov to the question of META about how they plan to be different and what will the current opposition change in the field of controlling the work of the Security and Counterintelligence Agency (UBK) when it comes to power.

Yesterday, opposition leader Zoran Zaev announced recordings in which Minister of Interior Gordana Jankuloska, Director of UBK Sasho Mijalkov and Speaker of the Assembly Trajko Veljanoski, are forging strategy and negotiate solutions to the Law on Interception of Communications, adopted in 2012 year, which would limit the control and would tie the hands of the parliamentary committee responsible for supervising the implementation of the special investigative measure monitoring communications.

– After all that was mentioned, I suspect that every next government that will come will try to abuse monitoring systems. Legislation has to be prepared and what SDSM speaks now as opposition, will be its way of acting when it comes to power. Among other things, the Assembly to enter UBK and perform the necessary controls. There are a lot of things to be cleaned internally in the Security and Counterintelligence Agency, which now nobody controls – stated Shilegov for META.

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