In the key week for the future of the country and its citizens, Gjorge Ivanov decided not to abandon his idea for Macedonia’s isolation, wrote SDSM’s press release in reaction to President Ivanov’s statement.

The press release stated that “it is obvious that Ivanov is used to causing problems to his own citizens even to those who voted for him”

“The last remnant of VMRO-DPMNE’s criminal regime, Gjorge Ivanov opposes democracy since he disputes the most important democratic tool – the voting. He became a president through votes and elections. Ivanov’s stance is a shameful avoidance of responsibility. Luckily for the citizens, Ivanov is not the one who decides for the future. Ivanov is too small and not so important, the citizens and their will are Macedonia’s strength and they will make that decision. Ivanov, unfortunately, will remain a person that spreads hatred and divide citizens, a president that is acting contrary to the citizens’ will, a president that was elected through voting and now he has a problem with the process of voting” said SDSM’s press release.