Gjorgje Ivanov is lying to the citizens of Macedonia. It is false news that when Ivanov allocated the mandate, he acted just like President Gligorov in 1992, was SDSM’s reaction today.

Dokument, Gligorov, mandat

The party sent to the media a copy of the statement from President Kiro Gligorov’s cabinet from July the 14th, 1992, which they say clearly shows that President Gligorov had granted the mandate to the runner-up of the election at the time, without seeking signatures of 61 MPs or to set conditions for a program”, as Ivanov requested of President Zaev.”

“The only thing President Gligorov asked of the runner-up of the elections is, quote,” to indicate the candidate whom the President of the Republic could name as mandatary to constitute the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.” Gjorgje Ivanov awarded the mandate to Nikola Gruevski without requesting signatures from 61 MPs and without setting conditions for a program, therefore he has no right to request this from the SDSM leader, Zaev”, read the statement by SDSM.

The party notes that it is a impermissible violation of the Constitution by Ivanov, for which he needs to be held accountable in accordance with the Constitution and in accordance with the Criminal Code.