SDSM’s Executive Board has decided not to call for snap parliamentary elections along with the forthcoming presidential elections, as the opposition demanded. When the session was over yesterday evening, spokesperson Kostadin Kostadinov said that the citizens are requesting to see the results from the economy, the reforms, and the integrations first.

“A party to which the interest of the citizens and the state come first doesn’t consider the early elections even when the ratings and the support from the citizens are much higher than the opposition’s ratings. As a responsible government, we announced an economic year, the creation of a strong economy that is providing opportunities for everyone. The economy is stabilized and working, the investments are on the rise, new jobs are being opened, and people earn more money. That is a good basis for rolling up the sleeves and devoting to results that the citizens are demanding to everything that is necessary for a better living standard for all of our citizens” said Kostadinov.

Regarding the presidential elections, he said that there will be crystal clear, fair and democratic presidential elections in the Republic of North Macedonia where the citizens will win and where SDSM will win.

“SDSM’s Executive Board authorized the party’s president, the general and the organization secretaries, to conduct consultations with the coalition partners as well as with other parliamentary and non-parliamentary groups, in order to come up with a consensual candidate for a president of the country, to stand in support together behind this candidate for whom the citizens can provide their support” said Kostadinov.