The wiretapping scandal had to be revealed and the conversation between Stavreski and Jankulovska to be heard for Nikola Gruevski to decide to solve employment status of citizens who was manipulated by his government, accused today Ljupcho Nikolovski, member of the Executive Board of SDSM.

At least, the wiretapping scandal stopped Government’s manipulation with 1,000 people. In the public interest, we emphasize that these jobs will be implemented without public ad because they relate to persons already engaged by this Government with various contract work or volunteering. This move of Nikola Gruevski is a classic corruption. Why not immediately transform the work status of all categories of persons engaged on various grounds, but stages are announced? The announced stages leave the impression that those who were blackmailed to vote for VMRO-DPMNE are left on a “stand by” – said Nikolovski.

According to SDSM, under pressure of the announced evidence for his illegal and criminal governing, Nikola Gruevski froze penalties for external testing for teachers, postpone external exam for students, reversed the ripping off fees, and now he will re-employ on the back of the citizens.