Nikola Gruevski and the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE must accept the concept of a society for all, that strengthens the unity of the state and brings quality of life for all citizens, rather than phantom divisions, say SDSM.

“The citizens clearly stated they want integration, and not an isolated Macedonia, like the way the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE wants to continue with crime, personal gain and does not want to face the responsibility for the consequences. The democratic process has started and the will of the majority of the citizens was translated into 67 seats, which has to be realized quickly by forming a new pro reform government and independent democratic institutions”, reads the statement by SDSM.

The party stressed that the demands for new elections are an attempt to prolong and deepen the political crisis.

“If we do not respect the will of the majority of citizens, neither us or them will be respected. The determination of the citizens of Macedonia is clear. The citizens chose change and a new pro reform government and Ivanov and Gruevski must allow a swift and peaceful transfer of power in Macedonia “, concluded SDSM.