Europe and the world can see that Gjorge Ivanov’s behavior isn’t based on democratic principles, decency, and rational mind, and that is why we received the last message from the leaders and the institutions of the European Union, which was passed on by the president of the European Union, Donald Tusk, said SDSM’s reaction after the joint press conference of Ivanov and Tusk.

“Gjorge Ivanov must not protect criminals anymore and has to allow a peaceful transfer of power! With a behavior such as his, Ivanov presents a direct behavior of Republic of Macedonia’s state interests! Ivanov and Gruevski must not work together on the creation of a binational state and to hinder the unity especially when it is clearly stressed for the advancement of Macedonia towards the membership in EU and NATO” said SDSM’s press release.

The party also said that the European Union and NATO are strategic determinations of the citizens of Macedonia and the reformatory processes are a priority “in the program of the new reformatory government of Unitarian Macedonia.”