SDSM, DUI and BESA sign initiative for formally announcing referendum


MPs from the ruling majority announced that they will submit the initiative for formally announcing the referendum before Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi today at noon.

According to information from SDSM’s parliamentary group, MPs have already collected signatures for the initiative to formally announce the referendum. MPs from DUI and BESA have also signed it.

After VMRO-DPMNE’s parliamentary group conduct their coordinative meeting, the initiative will be offered to them. After this meeting, the opposition party is expected to formally announce its position regarding the referendum and the ballot question.

The date (30 September) for holding the referendum and the ballot question will be in the draft decision submitted to the Parliament Speaker which, according to information released by SDSM, will be the same as suggested by Prime Minister Zaev and: Are you for EU and NATO membership by supporting the Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?

At 10 o’clock in Parliament, Parliament Speaker Xhaferi will meet with coordinators of the parliamentary groups with the exception of VMRO-DPMNE.

At this meeting, it is expected that information will be disclosed regarding the time of the session for announcing the referendum will be scheduled. At noon, a coordinative meeting between SDSM’s parliamentary group was announced. Some MPs pointed out that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is expected to attend the meeting.

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