We condemn the provocative rhetoric in the statement made by the Mayor of Debar Ruzdi Lata, which is not in the spirit of unity, integration and mutual respect among citizens. Elected and appointed officials must be aware of their responsibility before the Constitution, the laws and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. Lata and all other public officials must work solely in the interest of the citizens and each statement, each spoken word and work must be exclusively in the interests of the people, which is not the case with the last statement made by Lata, said SDSM today.

The party pointed out that “such public events are only in favour of those who create divisions and work to encourage friction and intolerance”.

The Mayor of Debar, Ruzdi Lata yesterday in an interview with television Art said that the blood and soul of Albanians is in Tirana, and he believed that Debar will become a suburb of Tirana.

“The only hope for the future of Debar is the road to Arber, but do not forget when the road to Arber is built, we will forget the others, our blood and our soul is in Tirana. We have many people in Tirana, I will only mention one fact, in Tirana there are 150 doctors just from Debar and Debar is slowly becoming a suburb of Tirana. I believe our dream will slowly be realized in an instinctive way, like when operating a vehicle your hand always goes right towards Tirana, towards Albania, it is the nostalgia we have in our souls, feelings, beliefs, awareness…”, said Lata.