SDSM are pessimistic, while the VMRO-DPMNE and the DUI are optimistic over negotiations


Representatives from the political parties who today met with EU Ambassador Aivo Orav, and US Ambassador, Jess Baily at talks to find a way out of the political crisis in the country, left with different impressions on the progress of the negotitations.

For the SDSM, it is not about any specific changes.

“We are unable to negotiate and accept that certain names remian on the voters’ list, names that could not be verified during field tests or data-base cross checks. We want a list that is appropriate to the reality in the country. Also, there are no signs that the VMRO-DPMNE are ready to relinquish control of the media”, said Renata Deskoska, the representative of the SDSM.

She added and that she can not be certain whther there will be an agreement by July 15th, nor whether there will be a leaders’ meeting.

The represantive from the DUI party, Artan Grubi kept his opinion he expressed yesterday, that there is already progress, and so far the meeting has been constructive, and that fair and democrtaic elections can be organized fast.

“I am still optimistic, and I believe that progress has already been made. If the Macedonian opposition were constructive, we could conduct fair and democratic elections fast”, said Artan Grubi.

While answering a question from a journalist, Grubi said that the actual progress comes from the DUI party having construcive proposals.

Nikola Todorov from the VMRO-DPMNE again said that there has been more progress and is more optimisitc than he was yesterday.

“The SDSM are scared of elections, and facing the people, that it more than obvious”, said Todorov.

He added that the SDSM and the VRMO-DPMNE managed to agree on the demands of the opposition concerning the electoral roll, and a large part of their proposals over the media.

“We could not agreed about the penalties for the media becuase the SDSM are asking for is too much, the fines are too high, we believe the fines should be symbolic, starting from one euro”, answered Todorov.

When asked by the media whether his optimism comes from the new Eurobonds and the borrowing, money which apperently will be used for populist ends. Todorov said that the borrowing is not the reason for his optimism, but the VMRO-DPMNE wants investments, VMRO-DPMNE wants investments, and with those projects to better the lives of the citizens of the country.

The representative from the DPA, Imer Aliu did not give a statement to the media.

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