Agency for Electronic Communications, in its annual draft work plan for 2015, plans to spend 60 million denars, i.e. one million euros for a promotional campaign, emphasized Goran Trajanovski, member of the Commission on Information Society of SDSM at today’s press conference.

– The Agency is not a body that is established recently and which should be promoted and the real question here is what should the Agency promote in order to spend one million euros of citizens’ money? Or this is just a new opportunity for funding and controlling the “obedient media”? In addition, the Agency for Electronic Communications intends to be a donor. It isn’t stated for who or why. This item in 2014 amounted to 80 million denars. Now they are increasing this sum by whopping 101 percent, i.e. to 160,960,000 denars – said Trajanovski.

Only this item for donations, along with the item for the so-called intellectual services, which includes the promotional campaign worth one million euros, according to him, will take 50 percent of the money of the companies, i.e. citizens, which were collects by AEC.

– Not to mention a series of other strange items. Such splurge of AEC burdens the work of telecom operators. The bill is eventually paid by the citizens and companies with the high bills for the services. Because the Agency with this annual draft work plan for 2015 shows that it can spend a lot more than last year, it means that they have a surplus of money needed for administrative costs. Therefore, we demand it to reduce the prices of the operators and oblige them, through appropriate analysis of markets, to reduce prices of their services – said Trajanovski.