Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras promised expansion of the governing coalition and a potential agreement for elections in 2015 in exchange for a national consensus to elect a president till 29th of December. In order to calm down the political tension that has created after scandal with Pavlos Haikalis, MP of Independent Greeks, who claims that he was offered bribe to vote for president, Samaras, is a sudden address to the people, appealed for a national consensus to be achieved and put an end to the situation of political uncertainty.

According to Samaras, citizens don’t want early elections and politicians need to do something to address this requirement. He urged MPs to heed the voice of common sense and the national interest and to reach an agreement Dimas to be elected president, in order for Greece to proceed with negotiations for the future and the day when it would leave the austerity package and in order to agree on new constitutional changes. In exchange for the support for Dimas, Samaras offered that those who will vote for president, after elections will enter the general governing coalition.

– After choosing a president, we can expand the Government with the participation of other politicians who believe in the European perspective of the state, so we are more united in the next step – said Samaras in the public address to the people and MPs.

Once the negotiations with international creditors are finished and new constitutional changes are adopted, economically and politically strengthened, the country can organize elections.

– Then we can find an appropriate timeframe for elections, even as early as the end of 2015 – said Samaras.

He also accused the leader of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, for whom, the Prime Minister believes that is behind the scandal with Haikalis in an attempt to additionally destabilize the country.

This package for government reconstruction and elections before 2016, when the regular date is scheduled, comes 48 hours before the second round, scheduled for 23rd of December, which will take place in a climate of political chaos, distrust and accusations from all sides on account of the scandal for the attempt to bribe MPs.