Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras used even the name dispute as an attack weapon in the election showdown with SYRIZA.

In part of his column in the weekly “Real News”, Samaras indirect appeals to right-wing MPs not to vote for a party that would allow the neighboring state to use the name Macedonia.

“How can those who lobbied for the “protection of our national issues” and “security of citizens” now to be on the same side with the parties that support the propaganda of Skopje, allow free entry of illegal immigrants in Greece and support activities of vandals on each occasion?” Samaras wrote in his column for the weekly.

This is not the first time the Greek Prime Minister to use any weapon before elections, even the name dispute in order to create more negative picture of SYRIZA. These attacks led to more rigorous rhetoric of SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras in the last two years. As indirect defense against the attacks, Tsipras also at each occasion in the past two years suggests the need to put an end to the irredentist policy of the Macedonian Government.