Half of the citizens that took part in the poлls or 50, 4% think that the media in Macedonia are dependent and only 15% state that the media in the country is independent, show the results from the research of public opinion “Perception of citizens about media and foreign policy”, implemented by IPSOS Macedonia on request of the foundation “Conrad Adenauer’s” Media Program in Southeastern Europe.

When asked about the amount of trust they have in journalists, depending on the age category of the respondents, 38 to 40% have responded that they have little trust or at all in journalists. Only 14% of the people have said that they have great trust in the work of journalists.

The citizens mostly inform themselves by watching television – 71%, social media come second – 46, 9%, public institutions’ websites -12,4, radio – 12, and printed media with only 8.7%.

Half of the people or 51.2% have responded that they trust the television most as a medium, while 28.1 % had no answer, while 17.7% trust social media, and 7 % trust public institutions’ web pages, 5.9% trust content on the radio while printed media trusts 4.6%.

Even though television enjoys the biggest trust, 39% of the population thinks that fake news and disinformation is distributed through television while this opinion is even higher for social networks or 44%.