The Bulgarian edition of the Russian news agency “News Front“ in an article about the birth of Goce Delchev, published on the 23rd of January, one of the leading figures of Macedonian struggle has represented him as a Bulgarian.

But the fact i.e. the historiography speak otherwise and unmasks such claim.

Firstly, the article starts with the following words: “On the 23rd of January (today’s date) 1872 in the Bulgarian city of Kukush…”

The claim of the birthplace Kukush as a “Bulgarian city” isn’t true. At the time, Kukush was part of the Ottoman empire and not the Bulgarian princedom, so it cannot be seen as Bulgarian. Additionally, “on today’s date” it is not completely correct if the idea is to mark the 148th anniversary of Goce Delchev’s birth since if calculated properly, according to the current Gregorian calendar, which is used in Bulgaria, the correct anniversary will be celebrated on the 4th of July. But this is trivial and it doesn’t matter compared to the disinformation stated in the text published by the Russian quasi agency.

Several paragraphs in the text it is stated that Goce Delchev, after he was appointed as a teacher in the city of Shtip, “has met again with Dame Gruev, one of the founders of the Bulgarian – Macedonian revolutionary committees (BMRC) and and was attracted by it.. But Dame Gruev isn’t a founder of BMRC, but a founder of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (MRO).

Apparently, on the 23rd of October (according to the Julian calendar) in 1893 in Solun (today’s Thessaloniki), Dame Gruev, Hristo Tatarchev, Ivano Hadzinikolov, Petar Pop Arsov, Andon Dimitrov and Hristo Batandziev found the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. Even later, very briefly, it will be called as BMRC, but not by all members.

regarding the idea that Goce Delchev has fought about, it can be read from the transcript of his conversation (dating from 1896) with the then leader of the Supreme Committee, General Danail Nikolaev.

In the end of the process of unmasking the disinformation published by the Russian Agency we shall analyze the three of the biggest false information in the article. Towards the end of the article its writer states that after the 9th of September 1944, Bulgaria is changing its policy regarding the Macedonian issue and under the pressure from SFRJ and the SSSR, the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) has handed over the Goce Delchev’s remains to authorities in Skopje. BCP took this step in order to keep Macedonia’s autonomy in a period when Serbia was decisive not to admit its autonomy and was determined to conquer the territory and the population in Macedonia” states the article.

This claim is completely false. During the Second session of Avnoj that took place between 21-29th of November 1943, Macedonia (still occupied) has become a republic as part of the Democratic Federation of Yugoslavia (which will be renamed as Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia). It’s equality and existence is confirmed with the ASNOM sessions. Therefore, any claim that Serbia was making efforts to conquer the territory and its population are absolutely untrue. What the text writes about has been happening in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, what preceded it.

In the end, “News Front“ is an “agency” that describes itself as having an enormous nostalgia about the former Soviet Union and its goal is to spread “the truth about Russia”. The Agency has publishes in other languages such as Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Serbian, Hungarian and Georgian.