“We urge all political parties in Macedonia to respect the will of the voters, to act solely under the Constitution and avoid external counterproductive influences on the formation of the new cabinet”, commented the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in connection with the early parliamentary elections in Macedonia.

“We believe that Macedonian politicians are aware of the responsibility to preserve Macedonia’s stability and inter-ethnic harmony, which are the main factor for peace in the Balkans. We expect the new government of the Republic of Macedonia to have a balanced foreign policy, focused on strengthening peace and security on the European continent”, reads the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Foreign Ministry claims that Russia is satisfied that the elections on December 11, despite the extreme tense political situation in the country, were held in a peaceful atmosphere.

“International observers, including Russian representatives did not register any significant violations of international electoral standards”, said the statement, in which they also noted that according to the results, none of the political parties won with an absolute majority.