The Russian Embassy in Skopje said that today’s statement by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that the “Komiti” (a known football supporters group) had been paid by Russian businessmen to instigate protests against the Agreement with Greece and Macedonia’s membership to NATO and the EU, is politically irresponsible and a Russophobic tool.

When asked about his allegations that Russian businessmen were instigating protests in Macedonia, Zaev said that statements had been taken by the police from demonstrators.

“I was referring to the statements taken by the police. You know, when these young boys “Komiti” attacked police officers, they were summoned to the police station for statements, and they mentioned that businessmen from Russia had given them money”, Zaev said.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation, through its Twitter account, said that today’s statement by the Macedonian Prime Minister questions the sincerity of the Macedonian government’s efforts to build good relations with Russia, and that Russophobia is increasingly becoming a tool in Macedonia’s foreign policy as well as the internal politics of the country.