Macedonia and Greece should not put up red lines and should do their best to resolve the name dispute, said Minister of State for Europe at the German Federal Foreign Office, Michael Roth in a debate at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin.

“I am very pleased with gestures as part of the confidence building measures for the country. What I am particularly worried about is Greece. The dispute, which I once called provocative and which, apart from Athens and Skopje, no one understands, must be resolved. And you have done a lot, something that previous governments failed to do. And please, do not say what I’m going to say is shocking. According to my limited political experience to date, I tell you: Do not put up red lines! Sit down and talk”, said Roth at a debate on the theme “From Challenges to Prospects: Democratic Reforms and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Republic of Macedonia “.

Otherwise, the main speaker at the debate was the Macedonian Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev and the President of the Foundation, Kurt Beck also took part.

Roth warned that there was a possibility of closing the “window of opportunity that is currently open”.

“The United Nations is capable of running this process, with your constructive support and with the support of the Greek government for successful integration. Now the window of opportunity is open, but it will close soon”, said Roth, adding that the German government is ready to help as long as it is needed.