Today at a joint press conference, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and former NATO Secretary General, Lord George Robertson, promoted the “Ohrid Group” in support of Macedonia on its path to NATO and EU membership

“There are members in this group who have made a mark with their diplomatic careers and supported our efforts to build a democratic, stable and prosperous country. They are here to support our membership in the EU and NATO”, said Zaev.

The group, with the exception of Lord George Robertson, includes former EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Javier Solana, former Swedish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and distinguished diplomats such as Christopher Guide, Robert Gelbard, Allen Le Roy, Wolfgang Ischinger, Diamond Wilson and Zoran Čičak.

Robertson said it had been 17 years since he had last spoken at a news conference in Macedonia, and pointed out that the name “Ohrid Group” was chosen because the city has great significance for the country, since the Ohrid Framework Agreement was signed, but it is also a city protected by UNESCO.

He pointed out that he and Javier Solana had visited the country 11 times and had witnessed the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.

“The country, which was on the verge of civil war, has become a country that knocked on European doors and understood the need for a better future,” said Robertson, adding that the group will not interfere in the country’s internal affairs, but will advise Government and ministers, and will be available to both the opposition and the president of the state.

Robertson also said that he would leave the solution to the name dispute with Greece to the two countries and that he would not interfere in the final outcome.