Judge Stojance Ribarev, the Acting President of Basic Court Skopje 1, has resigned, confirmed the Judicial Council.

According to them, Ribarev’s resignation was submitted to the Judicial Council yesterday. Five days earlier, he sent a notification to the Council that he would be on sick leave on the same day, that is October 20th, and that he would be replaced by Judge Dijana Gruevska-Ilievska.

They added, because of the two notifications, the Judicial Council will “schedule and hold a session within the shortest possible time and make a decision within its legal jurisdiction”.

Ribarev’s resignation comes at a time when the largest and most important court is in the public’s eye due to an audit conducted by a commission from the Ministry of Justice, due to allegations of maltreatment of the automated court management system (ACMIS), ie the allocation of court cases, including those of the SPO’s, and certain judges.

Otherwise, Ribarev is a judge in the Supreme Court, and was elected as the acting President of Basic Court Skopje 1 on March 13th this year, after Judge Tatjana Mihajlova resigned, also while working as the acting president.