The residents of Bitola are planning to come out onto the streets for a peaceful protest to show the town that they want the Officers Home to stay in the Municipality’s possession. The protest is scheduled for 18:00, and is being organised by the opposition party at the Council at the Municipality of Bitola, and is being supported by many civil organizations, and by anyone who is against the dismantling of the cities cultural heritage. The opposition of the February 1 requested that the Council to call an emergency session to restore the Officer’s Home, and to remain permanently in the Municipality and for them to ban the sale. They are still waiting for a response from the majority ruling party for 15 days.
“We call on all citizens of Bitola to join us tonight in a peaceful protest in front of the Officer’s home. We ask the government to allocate money from the state budget for the reconstruction of the building and to decide that this facility is valuable and important as any other part of cultural heritage in Bitola, it should not be sold, the sale clearly needs to been banned”, said Zoran Stojcevski, adviser to SDSM in Bitola.
The opposition LDP from Bitola urged residents of Bitola to be wary of the next parliamentary elections, because he does not believe that Gruevski and the”family” will give up from the sale of the Officer’s Home, and that the statement of the former Prime Minister is just for pre-election populism.