The Ministry of Interior have arrested 2a 1-year-old man from Skopje, his initials S.R., is suspected to have travelled twice to Syria as a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), announced today the Ministry of Interior.

The Skopje resident, according to the Ministry, a few weeks returned from Syria to the country through an illegal route. After he was located by the MOI, he was then arrested after there was a warrant for his arrest by order of the public prosecutor.

He is going to be charged with the criminal offences, “participation in foreign military, police, and paramilitary formations.”

“According from the information reported he was a member of ISIS, on his first departure for Syria it took half a year for him to fulfil his membership, while on his second illegal trip to Syria he returned in October last year. The suspect a few weeks ago illegally returned to the territory of Macedonia where he was followed by the Ministry of Interior and located after a public prosecutor issued a warrant for his arrest”, said the Ministry of Interior.

The resident of Skopje was arrested under the police operation, called “kelija” (meaning cell) that began in early August. After a several months, and as a result of a coordinated investigation in which evidence was collected on persons who participated in paramilitary formations, gathered finances and encouraged people to join the terrorist group.

Within the police operation, among others, 28 searches were carried out in Skopje, Gostivar, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Struga.