Macedonian police threw tear gas to clear a group of refugees protesting at the fence in Idomeni.

Greek media reported that some of the refugees were unconscious and were have trouble breathing because of the incident.

Refugees protested again this morning on the fence demanding the border be opened. Yesterday a leaflet in Arabic circulated around the camp, inviting refugees to gather and protest at 9:00 am this morning at Idomeni.

Reportedly, five representatives of the refugees went to negotiate with the Macedonian police to open the border.  After not receiving a positive response, a group of 500 refugees set out for the fence to strengthen the protest. coalition partners have signed a platform for a democratic Macedonia, to restore freedom and democracy.

According to some speculation several refugees tried push to their way through the pillars and fence.

The Macedonian police responded with tear gas and stun grenades, after which a showdown started with the Macedonian police and the refugees with stones.

Greek news agency ANA-MPA reported that the tents of “Doctors without Borders” had many refugees complaining of breathing problems because of the tear gas.

Law enforcement sources say that so far the situation is under control.

– People threw stones at police and tried to illegally enter the country. Police use all means to prevent illegal attempt to enter the migrants of our territory and will continue to do so. So far the situation is under control – said the MOI.