The Government is asking that the Constitutional Court stop the procedure for assessing the constitutionality of Article 175 which is the Law on Electronic Communications because it is already working on security system reforms, and this “initiative is partial and does not approach this topic comprehensively, and it meets a process that is already in process “.

The announcement adds that the proposals for legal solutions from the working group, were made in accordance with recommendations by international and domestic experts, and are in the final phase and will be announced soon.

“This is also in the priorities of the” 3-6-9 “plan, and in this, a current time interval of the plan. In preparing these changes, the Government is guided by the idea that the reforms in this area should be transparent, thorough and comprehensive and be under full control of the institutions, “reads the government statement.

Otherwise, the disputed Article 175 allows the Administration for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK) to wiretap directly through telecommunications operators.