The rectors of the universities in Skopje and Bitola have directly violated the principles of lawfulness and integrity with their calls for forming syndicates at the universities, announced the State Commission for Preventing Corruption (SCPC) during today’s press conference. The State Labor Inspectorate has also determined a violation and it will implement its own procedures.

The independent academic syndicate has reported at the SCPC a clash of interests and violation of articles of the Employment Law, according to which the employees and their associations cannot have a supervision on the foundation of the syndicates and their operations. In the meantime, the State Labor Inspectorate has determined a violation of Article 195 of the Employment Law.

-Taking into account the findings, SCPC stresses that with this behavior on part of the rectors, the principles of lawfulness and integrity have been violated which they should be first in line to apply them – said Biljana Ivanovska, the President of SCPC.

When asked by a journalists whether there will be an outcome for cases started by the commission, Ivanovska said that things are beginning to move forward.

SCPC stressed again the list of legal bans during the pre-election period: employment and laid offs, starting to build new objects, exclusive payments of salaries, pensions, social welfare, sale of government property and singing collective agreements. The commission repeated that it will be monitoring the election activities in cooperation with civic organizations that are active in the fight against corruption.