A total number of 166 government employees didn’t go to work in 2016 caused damage to the budget in the amount of  800.000 euros, announced the Government’s General Secretary on his Facebook profile.

“This is how our money was spent. A disciplinary procedure was put into motion and depending on the outcome, an appropriate procedure will follow. A damage was caused in the amount of more than 800.000 euros. While someone is mocking the rise of the minimum wages, they were paying their party soldiers not to go to work”, said Rashkovski.

According to the documents that were published by the Government’s General Secretary, 78 employees that were on the pay roll did not go to work, and on the 22nd of May were summoned to go to work by a clerk from the General Secretary’s cabinet, Biljana Miteva, who allocated them in the remaining General Secretariat’s organizational units.

The decisions for their employment were signed by the previous General Secretary, Kiril Bozinovski.