The working groups of the political parties who are part of the Przhino Agreement start talks tomorrow about the media and the manner in which they work.

According to the Chairman of the Working Group for SDSM, Robert Popovski, the meeting should be attended by organizations who actually work in the field of media.

“We have proposals, suggestions which we will unveil tomorrow at the meeting when all representatives are present. We do not want to present our ideas and our view on certain topics in advance ”, said Mr Popovski.

The Association of Journalists in Macedonia (AJM) said that they were invited to a meeting with political parties. They too have a proposal to solve the current situation with the media.

“Firstly, we will ask for 25 incidents regarding reporters to be solved. The people responsible have to be found, and appropriately persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The second issue is the problem of financing the media. We will ask the government to stop advertising in all of the media platforms, and to prohibit political advertising altogether. If the Government want to help the media, there are other ways to do just that. We would like to offer a few suggestions on a way to depoliticize MRTV (Macedonian Radio and Television), we will propose that the program be elected by a two-third majority in Parliament, and not as before, by a simple majority. Also it is very important to find a stable source for funding the public service”, said Naser Selmani, the President of AJM. (Association of Journalists in Macedonia)

As for the Union of Journalists, they reported that they were not invited to such a gathering and expressed regret if this does not happen because, as they put it, it is blatant disrespect for the journalistic industry.

However, the Macedonian Association of Journalists, (a different organization)said that they did not receive an invitation