‘Meta’ have learnt from sources involved with negotiating teams that working groups for political parties have been intensively negotiating the choice for special public prosecutor. Due to these talks, meetings were delayed regarding electoral laws which should continue today in the Parliamentary Club.

According to information received, there is a slight shift in negotiations on the special prosecutor and he will be elected according to existing law.

In connection with the electoral laws, we now learn that there has been little progress over the registration of voters.

Our sources say VMRO-DPMNE agreed about the active registration of voters, but still do not know whether it will be mandatory or not.

Meanwhile DPA (Democratic Party of Albanians) maintains its proposal, that  registration of active voters and the electoral roll should be combined. That means, according to our sources, it will take 4 months, two months to make field inventory of adult citizens from door to door, and two months to be left for compulsory registration.