The trial ‘Putsch’ which was officially meant to start today was postponed again, because the fourth accused defendant, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, was not present.

Defence attorney Filip Medarski told the court today that the reason for Zoran Zaev’s absence was despite the summons received, the Special Prosecutor’s Office should have the present case under their jurisdiction, and the responsibility for the present case should come from this new institution.

“In accordance with Article 11, the moment the Special Prosecutor’s Office takes jurisdiction, the defendant Zoran Zaev will attend any scheduled hearing on the case”, said Mr Medarski.

As for a specific reason for the SDSM leader’s absence, Mr Medarski stated that Zoran Zaev had a meeting scheduled with the Italian ambassador.

The prosecutor for the case, Zlatko Bitkovski from the Public Prosecution Office for Organized Crime and Corruption in reaction to Mr Medarski’s statement said up to this point, there had been no changes in the jurisdiction of the ‘Putsch” case and if and when another prosecutor takes over the case, it will be his decision, he himself could not say more.

The Court determined that the legal conditions are met for the hearing and rescheduled for 22nd of October at 10:00 am.

Defence attorney Vane Andreev gave a brief statement to the media, and said he expected the Special Prosecutor and its staff to officially take over the case and act on it. He expects it to happen by the 22nd of October.