Starting from today, the Public Health Institute, apart from the existing admission office, another admission office with a laboratory assistant and administrator will be put into use which will speed up the procedure behind the testing for COVID-19, Macedonian Health Ministry informed. This way, the admission office will be unburdened as the patients who arrive for testing will be dispersed to two checkpoints.

The checkpoint will work every day between 7.30 am until 2 pm for taking samples, and from 6 pm until 8 pm for taking the results.

The Public Health Institute informs that with the opening of the new checkpoints the number of tests on a daily basis will be increased and it is expected it will perform up to 1.000 tests daily, which is by 150 tests more compared to the previous numbers. The Institute has enough COVID-19 tests at its disposal. The epidemiological service will work in two shifts and for that purpose, additional appointments for testing within the “My Term” service will be available.

Otherwise, it is planned a total of 350 additional tests to be secured, 100 daily tests both at the Public Health Center and at the laboratory at Kozle, including the aforementioned 150 tests at the Public Health Institute. With these additional tests, the capacity for COIVD-19 tests will be increased significantly and a daily number of up to 2000 tests is expected to be performed at the public health institutions in the country.